What if your company could leave a legacy so strong that it will affect not only the current generations, but also the future ones?

The legacy that will help facilitate a completely new Paradigm Shift for the Planet - something that only true Visionaries and Pioneers leave behind.

Would you like to empower educators from developing and low-resource countries, and help them feel confident that THEY ARE creating a massive change for the world?

Are you looking to create Intentional Social Impact that can profoundly transform Early Childhood Education and Teacher Training in your region, your country, or even worldwide? 

Would you like to turn your passion for education into a meaningful cause, and form a collaboration that creates Sustainable Transformation that empowers teachers, children, families, and local communities beyond borders?

Imagine  ALL children receiving High Quality Education, thriving and believing that THEY ARE capable of achieving their dreams - no matter where they live. 

Imagine children being celebrated for their natural gifts and being offered opportunities to discover their unique talents! 

Now, imagine that this is all happening because of You! 

If this resonates, then we are on a similar mission and together we can make a massive difference!

Sustainable Future-Oriented Education by Natural Born Leaders

Our world needs an effective Sustainable Future-Oriented Strategy for Education

The strategy that meets the Three Key Criteria:

  • LONG-TERM REGARDLESS OF PLACE & RESOURCES - Sustainable Education models should be independent of locations, resources, times, or external circumstances.

  • HELP CHILDREN DEVELOP FUTURE-ORIENTED SKILLS - Sustainable Education models should equip ALL children with Future-Oriented skills and mindsets that will serve them for LIFE.

  • BUILD TEACHERS' CAPACITY - Sustainable Education models should train teachers HOW to use the most effective approaches that prioritise Hands-on Experiential Learning and Balanced Development.

Key Criteria for Sustainable Future-Oriented Education by Natural Born Leaders

NBL's Commitment to Sustainable Future-Oriented Education

At NBL we design Sustainable Education Models and Implementation tools to help organisations, NGOs, educational institutions, businesses, visionaries and individuals on a mission to make a long-lasting transformational change in the Early Childhood and Early Primary sectors worldwide. 

 We believe that world-class education and robust teacher training should and can be available to anyone, regardless of their location, and that it should take advantage of local resources and already existing infrastructure. 

Natural Born Leaders

Imagine Education Transformed

We are thinking beyond just access to education in a typical sense - because this is not enough. What we are aiming at is WORLD-CLASS FUTURE-ORIENTED Education and Teacher Training FOR ALL - regardless of location, resources, and funds.

  • Education that empowers individual children and helps them discover their natural gifts and talents through an authentic hands-on interaction with the real world.

  • Education that celebrates every child and guides them to discovering their Full Potential.

  • Education without borders where sustainable models support teachers, parents and children everywhere in the world - with the same effectiveness and quality.

  • Education that creates an immediate impact and at the same time provides solid long-term frameworks.

  • Education that is affordable and cost effective - it can be applied in rural areas and remote communities anywhere in the world.

  • Education that makes conscious use of local materials and existing infrastructure, and is still up to the highest standards.

Natural Born Leaders

We want to bring the best educational approaches to tiny villages, small towns, rural areas, remote communities, and big metropolises.



And we are 100% confident that this is possible and can be achieved effectively and at a minimum cost

It is possible through empowering teachers and parents HOW to offer their children skills for life. And this, in turn, will support entire generations to come!

Natural Born Leaders

We are bringing a New Paradigm to the planet, and ushering a completely new era for Education.

And the best thing - we can do this TOGETHER!

Because this new way is all about collaboration, partnership, co-creation, and taking full advantage of our unique talents.

Sustainable Education for ALL - Regardless of Location or Resources

If you aspire to make a REAL difference too, let's collaborate now!

Is YOUR Vision Similar?

If your mission is to redefine education, empower teachers, and celebrate all children for their natural gifts and talents, then we should become partners.

Wherever you are, you can help to make this happen - for your local community, for your town, your region, or your country. 

And if your dream is as bold as ours - even for the entire world! 

Natural Born Leaders - the Creators of the Sustainable Education Model

Whether you are a Visionary like us, 

or you consider yourself an Ambassador, 

a Mentor,

 an Investor,

 an Agent of Change,

and you are devoted to changing education, ...

then we should definitely work together!

Natural Born Leaders

How Can YOU Create a Massive Social Impact With Us?

By implementing the Sustainable Future-Oriented Education Model within your outreach - through impact investing and securing funds for training teachers and parents - you will transform education, equip educators with solid vocational skills for life, and empower children to discover their unique gifts which they will be able to share with the world!

However,  before you decide to implement the model, you need to fully believe and trust in its power yourself!


To help you make a fully informed decision and become super excited about all the amazing and long-lasting results we can achieve together, we have prepared a short presentation of our Sustainable Future-Oriented Education Model. 

So read on and find out more!  

We are all about passion, enthusiasm, and impact! 

This is also why we wish to work with equally committed partners only.

Introducing the Sustainable Future-Oriented Education Model

To address the challenges of outdated educational models that are still in use, and to offer truly Future-Oriented Capacity Building to ALL Educators - Natural Born Leaders have developed a powerful, affordable, and extremely effective model together with implementation tools and strategies that are easily adaptable to the local reality, resources, circumstances, and changing times.

Our Sustainable Education Model does not require dependancy on technology or purpose-made resources, and it takes full advantage of locally existing opportunities and infrastructure.
Sustainable Future-Oriented Education Model for capacity development in early childhood and early primary - by Natural Born Leaders

Wheel of Sustainable Education - by Natural Born Leaders

Qualities of Sustainable Education

In order to be effective, ALL Sustainable Education models need to meet the following Key Criteria:

  • Supports Future-Oriented Life Skills & Mindsets

    Focuses on supporting children in the development of their life skills & mindsets which will help them succeed in their future life - regardless of changing times.

  • Contextualised

    Always takes into full consideration the local reality, and offers enough space for flexible adaptation.

  • Available to Everyone

    Prioritises access to Quality Education for All - regardless of the location and available resources.

  • Immediate & Long-Term Impact

    While tangible results are visible instantly, a continuous long-term transformation can be observed throughout.

  • Scalable & Replicable

    Can be easily and effectively implemented in multiple settings and contexts over a long period of time.

  • Self-Sustained

    Once implemented, the model will run effectively and independently offering long-term benefits for local communities.

Creating a Global Impact

through a Local Implementation

Global Impact through Local Implementation - by Natural Born Leaders

The KEY CRITERIA for the Sustainable Future-Oriented Education Model:

1. Contextualised

Relevant & Adaptable

Sustainable Education must always be connected with the local reality to support the local people, assist them in addressing their unique challenges, help them achieve their goals, appeal to their aspirations, and consider their needs and preferences.

Key Criteria of Sustainable Education - 1. Contextualised

This includes relying on already existing infrastructure, technology, and modes of distribution and delivery.

Sustainable Education takes full advantage of already available learning resources and environments. It also shows how to create new tools using the existing and locally available materials.

2. Supports Future-Oriented Life Skills & Mindsets

Time-Proofing Education

Sustainable Future-Oriented Education is all about nurturing LIFE SKILLS &  MINDSETS - only these will help our children succeed, no matter the times and circumstances. 

Such assets are best nurtured through REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCES that help to build authentic and practical connection with the reality.

Key Criteria of Sustainable Education - 2. Life Skills and Mindsets

3. Available to Everyone

Powered by Local Resources, Affordable & Accessible

Sustainable Education uses locally available educational resources, including everyday objects and already existing infrastructure, to achieve educational goals - with the same or even better results. 

Key Criteria of Sustainable Education - 3. Available to Everyone

Only then will it be possible to offer equal and equitable access to education for all and guarantee long-term results - without excluding any members of the community.

4. Immediate and Long-Term Impact

Instant Results with Long-Term Programatic Change

Instant results are possible when training and education models prioritise  experiential holistic learning

Teacher capacity building programs that focus on on-the-job implementation will provide immediate feedback, help to track positive changes, and build strong evidence-based learning portfolios for both teachers and students.

Key Criteria of Sustainable Education - 4. Immediate and Long-Term Impact

Sustainable Education models are created with massive change in mind - they help to implement long-term programatic transformation, whether it’s on a local, regional, or global level. 

Long-term positive changes will affect generations of students, educators, and parents.

5. Scalable & Replicable

Easy to Implement and Replicate

Key Criteria of Sustainable EducationQuality Education and effective capacity building models can be re-applied in many settings at the same time - with the same highest efficacy. They are flexible enough to adjust them to the local reality using locally available resources and existing environments.  

Such models can be reused over long periods of time ensuring that the transformation is sustained.

Key Criteria of Sustainable Education - 5. Scalable and Replicable

6. Self-Sustained

Community-Focused Long-Term Frameworks

Quality Education models should always be designed with self-sustainability in mind - without the need to depend on external materials, extensive funding, modern technology, or purpose-made resources.

Key Criteria of Sustainable Education - 6. Self-Sustained

When Education relies on local resources and existing infrastructure, when it’s contextualised and focused on practical and hands-on delivery, it can successfully utilise the most effective methodologies and pedagogies to offer world-class learning environments for all members of the local community - children, teachers, and parents.

Let's create Intentional Social Impact in Education TOGETHER!

Partner with NBL to implement the Sustainable Education Model in your region or country!

HOW to implement Sustainable Future-Oriented Education Model

Natural Born Leaders have developed a series of online Capacity Building programs which are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal #4:

Each program comes with a detailed Implementation Support Kit to guide our partners towards effective application.

In addition, all programs meet the Key Criteria for Quality Future-Oriented Education.

Active Learning Booster

Teacher Capacity Building Online Training Program

Watch the short video below to learn how this powerful program equips Early Childhood and Early Primary teachers with long-lasting vocational skillsets and future-oriented mindsets.

What Teachers Will Learn

After completing Active Learning Booster, teachers will know HOW to use the most effective educational approaches in their daily work to support Experiential Cross-Curricular Learning for ALL students.

Active Learning Booster by Natural Born Leaders - What Teachers Will Learn


Our Capacity Building Programs meet the following Three Targets of the Sustainable Development Goal 4 as outlined by the United Nations:

  • 4.2 - affordability, adaptability and scalability of our Sustainable Future-Oriented Education Model greatly increase the chances of offering high quality early childhood care, development, and pre-primary education for all.

  • 4.7 - our Sustainable Education Model is fully focused on supporting children’s Holistic Learning and nurturing core Life Skills and Positive Future-Oriented Mindsets to help them discover their natural talents and support them in sharing their gifts with the world. Through hands-on authentic interaction with the world we help children build positive relationships, develop positive self-image, activate natural creativity, collaboration spirit, and appreciation for the world.

  • 4C - our Model has been designed with sustainability in mind to offer world-class Teacher Capacity Building to all - regardless of the location and access to resources or technology. The Model has proved particularly effective in rural areas and low-resource countries as a result of international collaboration. This Model can be implemented in many settings, locations, areas and countries at the same time - with minimum investment and maximum immediate and long-term impact.


Standards and Quality

All Capacity Building programs have been created by Master Teacher Trainers and Assessors in Children’s Care Learning Development and School PlayWork, and can be aligned with all leading educational frameworks. 

Our programs are designed to provide a robust professional development as well as a deep transformation on a personal level

This prepare teachers to offer strong Leadership in Education.

Empower Teachers with Capacity Building Programs that are fully aligned with the key criteria for Sustainable Education.

You can support your community with the Model that makes a real difference!

The Creators of the Sustainable Education Model

We are committed to offering Sustainable Future-Oriented Education for ALL. Based on the most effective modern pedagogy approaches, this kind of Education can be provided worldwide - regardless of available resources and location.

NATURAL BORN LEADERS is a UK-based provider of online hands-on Capacity Development programs for teachers and parents. We design our training content with a massive impact in mind - to help implement long-term programatic changes in early childhood and early primary education on a local and global scale.
About Natural Born Leaders

Founders of Natural Born Leaders

We are passionate educators on a mission to redefine the way early childhood and primary education is offered on a global scale. 

Personal Story

Our own personal stories from the childhood motivated us to pursue a career in teaching so that we could look for alternative child-centred educational models that celebrate a child as an individual. 

Professional Experience

Our professional pathway progressed from teachers, teacher trainers and nursery and school principals, to university lecturers and assessors-evaluators in education. 

Global Perspective

Our personal journey took us and our family through more than 20 countries where we lived with the locals and developed a profound perspective on the challenges of global education. 

We are  a Worldschooling Family and our children learn from living in the world. 

Sustainable Education and Living is at the core of everything we do and the pillar of our lifestyle. 

Natural Born Leaders

Natural Born Leaders 

We created Natural Born Leaders out of passion - we based it on our in-depth personal and professional understanding and vast experience, a mastery in the field of Early Childhood Education, and a calling to make a long-lasting change.

Focus on Early Childhood 

 We focus on early childhood and early primary because this is when the foundations for life are created.

Supporting Educators on a Mission

 We believe that the transformation of education can happen through passionate educators with a strong vision. 

Empowering Teachers

This is why empowering local educators, helping them activate their gifts, and equipping them with the right skillsets and tools is the key to the global and long-lasting transformation. 

Natural Born Leaders at GESS Indonesia 2019 - the Principals Forum

Watch this short video clip below to see us on stage

Implementation and Results

Our Capacity Building programs have been designed to bring immediate positive results and a long-term programatic transformation.

They are easy to implement and adapt to local requirements and customs - through an effective use of already available resources and existing infrastructure.

All programs are coordinated and sustained by local facilitators.

  • Teachers implement long-term frameworks to offer Experiential Holistic Learning on a daily basis

  • Teachers complete hands-on tasks and apply strategies at their workplace

  • Teachers build their own Educational Resources Bank

  • Teachers design inspiring Play & Learning Stations and Enabling Environments as part of the implementation process

  • Teachers build evidence-based learning portfolios to track their progress

  • Teachers can work individually or complete their training & implementation in groups

Natural Born Leaders - Implementation Support

Who Can Implement the Sustainable Education Model

This unique model will bring the best results when implemented by those committed to creating a long-lasting impact, making a truly transformational change, and empowering individuals - Passion-Driven and Vision-Oriented people and organisations:

  • Local Authorities & Governmental Agents

  • NGOs & Charities

  • Associations & Alliances

  • Educational Organisations & Institutions

  • Local Communities

  • Agents of Change & Visionaries

  • Businesses with strong Corporate Social Responsibility Values

Who Will Benefit from Implementing the Sustainable Education Model

Natural Born Leaders - beneficiaries of the Sustainable Education Model

All Training is Coordinated and Delivered by Local Facilitators

And to make access to Capacity Building easier for local teachers from rural and remote areas, all our online programs are run in person in small groups.


Majority of teachers who take part in our Capacity Building programs come from rural areas or remote communities, and do not have access to the internet, laptops, or modern technology. Because our training resources are all online, reaching individuals in such remote areas is often impossible. Moreover, even if it was possible, these motivated teachers would not be able to afford them. 


This is where we maximise the power of technology and store all our training materials online - so that we can reach all corners of the world with our training content AND collaborate with local facilitators. They deliver our content in person and coordinate our Capacity Building training in small groups of dedicated teachers. 

This way teachers have access to high quality training, can work in groups, peer-discuss the content of the training with other teachers, exchange their observations, and share their experiences.


On top of that, because even though our training is online, it is all about hands-on experience - teachers will create their own educational resources, design their own play spaces, and implement the strategies they learn during training sessions in their local schools and nurseries. 

Our local coordinators will guide them and monitor their progress, which will be regularly consulted with us for monitoring and evaluation purposes.


To minimise the cost and maximise the impact, we do not need to be personally involved in delivering the training, and we do not need to travel to the locations where the project is run. 

This way we also empower local communities even more - by creating more jobs for them and using their already existing infrastructure.

Case Study - Masaka, Uganda

We introduced our Teacher Capacity Building program in Africa, and it was an amazing success. Local teachers achieved spectacular results within a very short period of time.

A group of committed early childhood and primary teachers from Rural Teachers Association in Uganda started their Transformational Teacher Training with Natural Born Leaders in February 2020. All training sessions were facilitated and coordinated locally by the president of the association.

Right after the first training day the teachers in rural Uganda started to adopt our materials, create their own resources, and transform their settings to deliver Quality Education! They all agreed that this Model can effectively and sustainably transform the education sector for long.

This case study was presented by Natural Born Leaders and Rural Teachers Association at UNESCO Conference as an exemplary model to follow.
Case Study - Implementation of Sustainable Education Model in Uganda - Natural Born Leaders

Masaka, Uganda 2020 - Implementation of Sustainable Education Model by Natural Born Leaders

Similar changes are possible anywhere in the world!

With the help of passionate and committed individuals and organisations like YOURSELF,  we can effectively and easily create a long-lasting transformation in Early Childhood and Early Primary Education. 

Watch the video case study below to understand how rural teachers in Uganda took full advantage of our Capacity Building Program to make a long-lasting difference for their local community.

With like-minded people like YOU on board,

 TOGETHER we  can achieve what many consider impossible!

Create Sustainable Transformation within your Outreach - for Generations to Come!

Help implement our Sustainable Future-Oriented Education Model that offers a rapid and long-lasting programatic transformation on a local, regional, national, and even global scale.

Over 20 Years of Global Experience

We are a World Schooling Family!

Playing a very active part on the international scene for more than 20 years helped us develop a unique Global Perspective on Education.

We also understand the Local Perspective of educators and what they need to be able to offer the same Quality Education and Care - regardless of location and access to resources.

Watch the short video below to get an insight into our family's World Schooling Life Journey.

You can rest assured that apart from our extensive Professional Expertise, we will always bring our Global Perspective to the partnership too!

Benefits for Social Impact Partners

We appreciate the ways our Strategic Partners contribute to this project. And we want to maximise opportunities for your business to benefit from our impact collaboration in multiple ways.

When you decide to collaborate with Natural Born Leaders, your company will enjoy the following benefits:


  • Together we will create a programatic change - a result of an intentional and conscious creation. We are bringing the most effective pedagogical and methodological approaches into developing and low-resource countries - so that they can start not only bridging the gap but, most importantly, they can begin to thrive.


  • What we are going to achieve through our impact collaboration is not only a support system for the underprivileged to live a better life. Together, we are going to create a sustainable transformation for the globe. And with a potential for an unprecedented scale and efficiency, our partnership will positively affect not only the current but also future generations of teachers, families, and children. 


  • Our strategic collaboration is not only a display of your commitment to the high values that we share. It promotes the spirit of Visionary Leadership which your business will be associated with - it will usher a new era in creating Positive Enterprise Reputation, and benchmark new standards for mission-oriented collaborations between businesses and social enterprises. 


  • Thanks to our impact partnership we will be able to share our talents with those who need us the most - your enterprise will be involved in a meaningful project with an unlimited potential for creating massive social transformation. Your company will leave a legacy that will affect generations to come. 

  • We want to see all motivated educators from remote areas of the world feeling as equal partners - not disadvantaged but fully empowered and confident that THEY ARE creating a change for the world too. We want to see all the children under their care believing that THEY ARE capable of achieving their dreams - no matter where they live.


  • Together we will create captivating success stories from the communities that thrive thanks to our impact collaboration. And we are happy for you to share these stories with your key clients, your wider audience, and the whole world too. We would love everyone to understand the true impact of your involvement.


  • When you decide to collaborate with NBL, we will maximise benefits  for your business. We will grant access to our bespoke parent support program for your employees. This way they can also become a vital part of our mission - we will be spreading the social impact even further positively affecting the lives of so many children and families. This is how your entire company can participate in this project.


  • Facilitating Change in Education is one of the most powerful transformations that can happen for the planet. It affects all areas of life - from economy, politics and culture, to personal values and beliefs. Planting the seed of change firmly through the youngest Agents of Change, children, guarantees more positive and holistic ways of learning, living, and prospering.

If you would like to discuss potential collaboration, please contact us on info (at) naturalbornleaders.org

If you are ready to invest in one of our Sustainable Education Packages now, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to complete your purchase.

Natural Born Leaders - Implementation of Sustainable Education Model in Uganda

When you decide to enter into a strategic partnership with Natural Born Leaders, hundreds or even thousands of teachers and parents will participate in our Capacity Building programs. 

Our training materials will equip them with vocational skills for life, boost their professional development, and most importantly impact the well-being of all children under their care.

This way, by working with us, you are part of something really special - you become involved in bringing to the world the New Paradigm Shift in Education - a massive transformational change that positively affects the entire globe and changes lives of children, teachers, families, and local communities.  

Sustainability-Oriented Features of NBL's Model

All Capacity Building programs are transformational, interactive, and packed with ready-to-use strategies, case studies, and hands-on tasks for teachers to apply at their workplace, and for parents to use in their home environment. 

Our online programs help educators master the most effective educational approaches and support Full-Potential Child-Centred Learning on a daily basis.

Sustainable Education - Implementation Tools by Natural Born Leaders

Benefits for Local Communities


  • Our Capacity Building programs transform communities in rural areas, developing countries, small towns, and remote villages. They help local educators offer High Quality Education using locally available resources and already existing infrastructure.


  • Because no previous qualifications are required in order to participate in our Capacity Building programs, motivated individuals can become educators with a powerful skillset in hand so that they can make a real change for their local communities. Our training leaves teachers tool-independent - they can create high-quality educational resources on their own and reuse them flexibly in many creative ways to support hands-on and cross-curricular learning.

Natural Born Leaders


  • Everyone regardless of their background and academic proficiency can participate in our Capacity Building programs. This is because our training materials have been designed with simplicity and practicality in mind. The strategies presented in our programs can be easily replicated by participants leaving them empowered and ready-to-work anywhere in the world.


  • Our training programs can help create jobs for local communities. When you fund access to our materials for teachers and parents, you support local businesses and the creation of new ones. Local facilitators are employed to implement our Sustainable Education Model, and local infrastructure is used to host on-site training sessions. All educators who complete our training can start their own education business with the skills they will have developed.  

Natural Born Leaders


  • Local communities will feel motivated and empowered to have access to world-class training materials that will help them offer High Quality Education. This way we'll reduce the gap between developed and developing countries and communities, thus creating more space for equality and high standards.


  • Children receive the education that celebrates their unique skills, and they are encouraged to recognise and work through their talents. This way we can make sure that children from their Early Years receive solid foundations for happy and fulfilling life and will have higher chances of taking full advantage of their skills in the future. This will create a ripple effect - because these children will be more likely to promote similar models and approaches in the future and will confidently share their skills with the world.


  • When we train teachers and parents at the same time, we fully support entire communities and make sure that all children receive high quality and holistic education - both at home and at schools or nurseries. This way we maximise their chances for full potential and personalised learning. And we also help raise awareness and advocacy among parents who will be more likely to offer tailor-made support to their children and promote such approaches among other members of their community.

Natural Born Leaders

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

If what you have seen so far resonates with you..., if you share similar values..., if you are looking to create intentional social impact and aspire to make a similar transformation - then you should become our Partner on this Mission!

We will be delighted to work with you to create the change that we both dream about!

Natural Born Leaders


Your organisation can start creating Intentional Social Impact through empowering educators from around the world today!

You can decide what kind of impact you are ready and most interested to achieve together with us - whether it's empowering small groups of teachers or if  your impact investment will create substantial difference for at least 100 teachers and even more children and families!


If you are after substantial impact, then this option allows  biggest opportunities to create a long-lasting change.


How many teachers will receive training?

At least 100 local teachers will receive our training and lives of many more children and families will be profoundly affected.  

All training sessions will be delivered in cohorts of 25 participants for the duration of 4 months. This will enable us to sustain high quality of training while monitoring and evaluating the participants' learning experience. 

Our Implementation Partners, carefully selected from the local organisations that NBL closely collaborates with, will facilitate Capacity Building training sessions for teachers and parents from within their outreach. 

What's the minimum contribution?

The all-inclusive cost of training one cohort of 100 teachers is £10,000 GBP only - this includes ALL training materials and resources for 100 trainees for 4 months, and ALL in-person facilitation costs such as local facilitators' fees, venue rental, training equipment rental, utilities, and external project monitoring and evaluation.

You can start with one cohort today and see the immediate results of your action!

Within 4 months only each and every local teacher enrolled for the program will receive high quality Capacity Building training that will change their professional life forever and will profoundly affect the lives of children under their care. 

You can multiply this by any number of cohorts and start making a real massive impact on a regional or even global scale right away.

And to make this social impact even bigger, for each cohort you fund we will throw in a Parent Support program for 200 families! 

This powerful online program shows parents how to effectively support their children’s  Experiential Holistic learning and balanced development at home - both after school, and during out-of-school time.

Our Thank you Gift to You

AND, because NBL is all about social responsibility and massive empowerment, and as our token of gratitude for your generous contribution, 

we will grant you FREE access to our bespoke Parent Support Program for 30 employees from your organisation.

 What an excellent way to let your people know about the social impact activities you are involved in!

If you are ready to start now, please contact us on info (at) naturalbornleaders.org


This option will allow you to start empowering small groups of motivated teachers today.

You can fund access to our Sustainable Future-Oriented Education Model for smaller groups of 25 local teachers from developing and low-resource countries. 

Your impact investment will create high quality education opportunities for many more children and families! 

What is the minimum contribution?

The all-inclusive cost of training smaller groups of  25 teachers is £2,750 GBP only - this includes ALL training materials and resources for 25 trainees for 4 months, professional fees for in-person facilitation by local Project Coordinators,  venue rental, training equipment rental, utilities, and external project monitoring and evaluation.

Our Implementation Partners, carefully selected from the local organisations that we closely collaborate with, will facilitate Capacity Building training sessions for teachers and parents from within their outreach.

And to extend the impact of your contribution,  we will add our Parent Support Program for 50 local families! 

This powerful online program shows parents how to effectively support their children’s experiential learning and balanced development at home - both after school, and during out-of-school time.

This way, through small steps we will create a bigger impact together!

When you decide to contribute now, you will receive regular updates on the progress of the project including the accomplishments of the teachers you supported and the impact of the project on the local community.

Our Gift to You

AND, because NBL is all about social responsibility and massive empowerment, and as our token of gratitude for your generous contribution, 

we will grant you FREE access to our bespoke Parent Support Program for 30 employees from your organisation.

 What an excellent way to let your people know about the social impact activities you are involved in!

Get More Information

To help you make a fully informed decision we've prepared a comprehensive Info Pack. Just click on the button below and you'll get more in-depth information about our Sustainable Education Model.

After signing up you will have access to the following information that you will be able to share with your colleagues, your business partners, or decision makers in your network:

  • DOWNLOADABLE PRESENTATION DECK of the Sustainable Future-Oriented Education Model in a PDF format - to help you better understand the model, or present it on a meeting to your colleagues or key stakeholders

  • VIDEO EXPLAINERS - for the Active Learning Starter support program for parents, and the Active Learning Booster training program for teachers

  • DETAILED LEARNING OUTCOMES for all Capacity Building programs from the Sustainable Education Model

  • ACCESS TO FREE MODULES from Active Learning Starter and Active Learning Booster

  • VIDEO CASE STUDY and presentation deck that fully outline the outcomes of implementing our Sustainable Education Model in Uganda

  • HOW TO CONTACT US to discuss collaboration with us in details

It's Time to Support Local Communities in Your Outreach!

Let's help educators and parents in your area to receive world-class training and support too.