Would you like to transform your setting to become a Future-Learning-Oriented World Class Early Childhood Education provider?

  • A place where all children are fully supported to grow and learn to their full potential?

  • A place that nurtures EVERY CHILD's unique talents and natural leadership mindset, and prepares them for the future?

  • A place that works in line with the most effective educational approaches for Future Learning that only 2% of World's Top Educators offer?

If you do, ...

... then it means that you are an ambitious and conscious Educator of the Future looking to bring about a real value to all children under your care and their parents!

You are in the right place! 

You’ll probably also agree that Future Learning is no longer about knowledge, and not even so much about skills. It goes far beyond that! 

Future Learning is about Values and Mindsets - because only these can guarantee that our children will succeed in the unknown future world.


Everything starts in Early Childhood - where confidence, leadership mindset and all life-long skills are shaped.

We are entering a massive Paradigm Shift in education that calls for celebration of child’s uniqueness, and promotion of positive self-image and conscious self-knowing. And when these are in place, all other skills, including academic skills, can be easily developed. 

Personalised Self-Directed Learning, Child-Led Play, and Positive Pedagogy are the ONLY approaches that will facilitate this New Paradigm Shift.

YOUR SETTING can become one of the leading Early Childhood Education Providers in the world who can successfully implement and use these advanced approaches! And you can become the MASTER TEACHER!


Every child can help bring about new innovations, new ideas, new technologies, and new approaches that will make the world an amazing and safe place to live.

But to do this, children need to be able to explore who they really are as individuals, discover their inner gifts and natural talents, and fully express themselves in everyday life.

 And this is probably what you would like to offer all children under your care too. 

You would like to make a Real Change!

However, the chances are that you don't know where to start...

  • you may not know the right tools and approaches to support your children's individual needs and offer world class education they deserve

  • you've heard about many effective approaches and strategies, but you and your staff don't know how to use them

  • you've tried many tools and invested in staff training a lot, but it's still not working as you would like it to

  • you are not sure how to introduce unified standards in your setting and how to motivate all your teachers to work effectively

  • you don't know how to monitor your children's educational progress and how to meet your local requirements with all these new tools and resources available to implement

  • you don't have a partner who truly understands your vision

  • you've invested a lot in modern design and trendy toys, but it still doesn't make a difference you would like to see

  • you find it very challenging to recruit passionate and creative staff, and you have to rely on one or two best key workers

We can relate. We've been there too! 

And now we are happy to help you get to the Top!

Imagine Your Setting...

... helps children discover their natural talents, celebrates all children as individuals, nurtures their gifts and their natural leadership mindset which they will confidently share with the world!

  • Imagine your setting is aligned with the most advanced and effective educational approaches that ever existed in the history of Education

  • Imagine all children under your care receive the Education that truly supports their holistic growth, nurtures their natural leadership skills, meets their individual needs and preferences if full, and helps them develop the right mindset and the right skillset for the New Generation Paradigm 

  • You provide the Education that offers truly personalised and interactive opportunities to grow. The education that creatively, confidently and effectively utilises the latest technology, resources and tools without solely relying on them

  • Imagine you can easily become the Educator of the Future who redefines the quality of the education offered in your country or in your entire region

  • Imagine your setting supports  teachers’ professional growth in a way that is unique and offers exciting working conditions, where the teachers feel they can demonstrate their best abilities and passion for educating children 

  • Imagine your setting works as one complete entity where most work is put on an autopilot, things happen effortlessly, and bring about long-term tangible results  

  • Imagine teachers are passionate about their work, and instead of focusing on paperwork they have more time to offer all children under your care meaningful and nurturing environments to grow and learn.
  • Imagine there is much more time for you and your teachers to explore new approaches, strategies and tools, and to offer more CPD training to your staff.

  • Imagine the success of your provision does not rely on individual key workers - because all your teachers work according to the unified standards that are clearly defined and effectively executed.

  • Imagine you’ve gained your parents’ complete trust, your children’s progress is easily observed and well-documented, and the entire provision is fully aligned with your curriculum and your national standards - without compromising on the quality of provision or adding extra work. 

This is exactly what conscious parents are looking for. 

This is what ambitious and passionate Educators like yourself are embracing today.

And this is what we are going to help you achieve with our cutting-edge on-the-job Teacher Training Program.

So, if what we have shared with you truly resonates with your core values and beliefs, if you consider yourself as a Visionary, an Educator of the Future, an Agent of Change, then it’s time to act!

Are you ready to take the next step?

MASTER TEACHER ™ - Powerful On-the-Job Teacher Training Program

We’ve created this unique Transformation Teacher Training Program for Early Childhood Education & Care providers basing on over 12 years of work under the British EYFS and 25+ years of experience in the education sector. We’ve combined our hands-on experience as Early Childhood Education Professionals with our in-depth subject matter expertise as Assessors in Children’s Care, Learning and Development (CCLD) as well as Assessors-Evaluators in Early Years Professional Status (EYPS). On top of that, we’ve added our insights as teacher trainers, online & offline course designers, and Personalised Learning Experiences facilitators.

  • MASTER TEACHER ™ is a fully hands-on and experiential Preschool Transformation Training Program. Total Duration: 6 months

  • Instant on-the-job implementation + practical tasks, group discussions and brainstorming sessions

  • All training sessions are based on micro learning - with compact up to 15 minute pre-recorded video lessons

  • Teachers' everyday working environment is used as training environment

  • Ready-to-use powerful tools & strategies that teachers can implement immediately

  • Optimised for Group Training - to maximise the impact, teachers will learn in groups

  • Packed with case-studies, real-life scenarios and examples of best practice

  • Synchronised with teachers' everyday duties - no extra workload and no extra study time after hours needed

  • Comes with a powerful Support System for Managers or External Facilitators on how to facilitate group training and how to monitor teachers' learning progress

  • Fully EYFS aligned + optimised for all existing curriculum frameworks and national standards

Proven Strategies for Maximum Impact


    Our MASTER TEACHER ™ transformation training program is calibrated to offer maximised learning input with minimum time engagement. Daily training sessions last around 30 minutes, and this includes discussions and interactive activities. If facilitated externally teachers attend regular weekly training sessions that last between 2-3 hours. All hands-on tasks and projects will be aligned with teachers' daily professional duties, so no extra work will be needed. Teachers will deliver results from day one of their training - and you, your teachers, your parents and most of all you children will be able to appreciate the outcomes straight away!


    We've designed our MASTER TEACHER ™ program with total transformation and full practicality in mind. Teachers will receive ready-to-implement proven tools and strategies that have been successfully tried and tested in our own preschools, and used by other world's top educators, globally. These strategies can be applied in setting right away, and our pre-recorded video materials will guide teachers how to do this step by step. Each training session offers practical learning input that can be transferred to their provision immediately!

MASTER TEACHER ™ - fully aligned with any Curriculum Framework & National Standards

Our cutting-edge Preschool Transformation Training Program is not another curriculum framework. However, it can be fully aligned with ANY national standards and official requirements for Early Childhood Education & Care of any country in the world. All without adding any extra workload or additional paperwork to you and your teachers!

  • Our training content is fully aligned with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) - the UK statutory framework setting standards for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old

  • It's aligned with the Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) - the UK Government-endorsed accreditation for Early Years Professionals (ages 0-5)

  • And it's aligned with the British National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) Level 2 & 3 in Children’s Care, Learning and Development (CCLD) and School PlayWork.

  • This training program goes beyond constantly changing market trends in the sector - it's compatible with major approaches in Early Childhood Education such as Montessori, Steiner, Reggio-Emilia, Waldorf, Finnish Education, etc.

MASTER TEACHER ™ - Main Program Features

Our Transformation Teacher Training Program immerses early years teachers in the learning experience that is fully on-the-job and hands-on!

  • Program Duration - 6 Months
  • Optimised for Group Training and facilitated by setting managers or other designated persons/external facilitator 
  • Comes with comprehensive Facilitation Guidelines for managers/facilitator to maximise the learning impact
  • Based on micro learning with pre-recorded short 15-20 min practical video lessons
  • Each training session offers truly interactive learning experience:  brainstorming sessions, group discussions, self-reflection tasks, hands-on activities, and on-the-job implementation projects
  • Utilises collaboration and group work models which accelerate achieving positive results 
  • Recommended pace: Onsite within a setting: 1 training session per day (around 20-30 minutes each), through External Facilitators: teachers meet once a week for 2-3 hours 
  • Fully aligned with  teachers' daily workload - no extra commitment or study time needed
  • Comes with ready-to-implement policies, procedures, tools and strategies
  • Offers proven tools for instant feedback, evaluation and progress tracking.

MASTER TEACHER ™ Preschool Transformation Program - Learning Outcomes

Within 6 Months only, your teachers will be able to work with the most effective and the most advanced approaches that have been used effectively by World's Top Educators, and that proved to bring about amazing results for the children under their care and their entire settings!

  • How to implement Child-Led Play, the most powerful educational approach, into your setting, and how it's different from Play-Based Learning

  • How to use Emergent Planning and combine it with your existing curriculum or offer integrated curriculum to support all your children's individual learning journeys, and to maximise their Full Potential learning

  • How to implement Personalised Learning into your setting to nurture every child's unique talents, and how to use the advanced Energy Expression Profiling Tools to offer tailor-made learning experiences

  • How to turn your setting into a truly future-learning-oriented world class provision using the Enabling Environments approach. Teachers will learn how to plan, design and restructure your setting into a magical, inspiring and effective learning environment completely based on Experiential, Whole-Person and Multi-Sensory Learning

  • How to use the Positive Pedagogy approach to build empowering relationships with your children, promote positive behaviour, and nurture self-confidence, positive self-image and a culture of collaboration

  • How to Create and Implement Health & Safety and Safeguarding policies, procedures and enabling environments for Safe Risk-Taking

  • How to activate and nurture your children's natural leadership skills and mindset through Whole-Person Learning, Experiential Learning, Positive Pedagogy and Multi-Sensory Approach

  • Child-Led Play vs Play-Based Learning - how to combine these two approaches to maximise learning and play opportunities for all children under your care

  • How to promote Early Literacy and Early Reading Skills in an motivating and inspiring way using Literacy Corners and Reading Stations

  • How to identify tangible Learning Outcomes in every learning experience using Cross-Curricular Education. Your teachers will learn how to link Experiential Learning and Child-Led Play with various disciplines, topics, academic subjects and learning take-aways, including your curriculum framework and the national standards you follow.

  • Powerful Support System for Managers and Training Facilitators to help easily coordinate and activate the group training mode for teachers

  • How to work with the Free Flow and Play & Learning Station approaches - an absolute requirement when introducing Child-Led Play and Personalised Learning in your provision

  • How to monitor, evaluate and record all your children's Educational Progress through powerful Evaluation Tools and Strategies that will help you offer Integrated Curriculum for each child under your care. Teachers will also learn how to cover your National Standards and meet your local or national requirements in full

  • How to implement and accelerate learning though the most sought-after approach of modern times - Outdoor Education

Instant On-the-Job Implementation

No Additional Work!


    No worksheets, no extra study time, no additional reading, no outdated teaching methods. Our MASTER TEACHER ™ Preschool Transformation Training Program is a truly state-of-the-art revolutionary and experiential learning experience. Teachers will engage in hands-on tasks and projects from day one of their training, and they will be able to implement new tools and strategies within their settings right away!


    Group training means accelerated learning and faster better results. This mode guarantees implementation of uniform high standards by ALL staff members in your setting if implemented in one setting. It redefines and completely transforms the quality of early years education if implemented within a region or country. Teachers will be working according to the same guidelines, which will maximise impact for all children under their care. If you implement the training in your settings you will no longer need to rely on one key worker because all the teachers will be offering the same high quality provision.

What You'll Get

Your setting will be aligned with the most Powerful Educational Approaches that go along with any Curriculum Framework of your choosing!


    The most important approach for Future-Learning-Oriented Education. According to our prediction, Child-Led Play will soon become the most sought-after approach in Early Childhood Education. It's the only approach that leads to Self-Directed Learning. It unlocks children's Full Potential faster than any other approach to date. The child is the sole Author of their learning experiences and the Master Learner. It's the most advanced approach and mastered only by World's Top Educators.


    An advanced approach to planning that helps to address all children's current needs in a way that is most suitable for their momentary developmental requirements and preferences. It goes along with Child-Led Play, and is often called "Follow the Child" approach. It facilitates natural Leadership Mindset in children, and helps educators "get it right" for every child under their care. A must-have when you decide to implement Child-Led Play in your provision.


    The Key Tools to making sure your children's individual needs and natural leadership skills have a chance to emerge and flourish. Future-Oriented Education is essentially based on Personalised Learning Processes. In our MASTER TEACHER ™ training program, teachers will learn how to easily implement Personalised Learning in the entire setting - at no extra cost, with no extra effort, and with no need to recruit additional staff. Child's Energy Expression Profiling is a state-of-the-art tool that will allow teachers to easily identify children's dominant learning styles, their natural gifts and talents, and their current learning and developmental needs. It will enable teachers to plan the best learning experiences for all children under your care.


    Enabling Environments will help you establish the state-of-the-art, safe and inspiring provision that supports ALL your children in discovering their full potential. Teachers will learn how to design their playrooms based on play & learning stations, and how to support all children with the right choice of resources, and with full use of Positive Pedagogy. Teachers will learn how to never rely on tools, and how to choose only those that truly support all children under their care.


    Positive Pedagogy is always fully child-centred, and focuses on modelling positive behaviour and building meaningful relationships. It encourages children to understand themselves, their choices, and the reasons for their actions. It also allows them to predict the consequences of their choices and actions. Teachers will learn how to apply Positive Pedagogy in all aspects of their everyday work with all children under their care.


    These are a natural result of working with the most powerful approaches in Education - Child-Led Play & Personalised Self-Directed Learning. Once teachers master these two approaches, children's academic and non-academic results and achievements will be delivered on a silver platter, effortlessly.


    A powerful way to encourage your children to experiment with different learning environments, contexts and resources using their best modes of expression. Teachers will learn 1) how to plan and offer your children Active Learning experiences on a daily basis, completely dropping the outdated pen-and-paper approach, 2) how to support creative development that is not about arts & crafts, but rather about unlocking full self-expression, 3) how to focus on Practical Maths through strategic hands-on projects and team work, 4) how to promote holistic physical growth, facilitate bodily awareness, and unlock safe manageable risk-taking. Teachers will learn strategic tools to promote Early Literacy and facilitate Early Reading Skills in the most empowering way that instills in your children love for reading and writing.


    Teachers will learn how to design Play & Learning Spaces and Experiences that engage your children's all senses and promote active exploration. This will help teachers address sensory challenges and hyperactivity, support energy balancing, and prevent discipline problems. Multi-Sensory Learning will bring magic to your setting, and will allow your children to immerse in holistic experiences with all their senses. It's one of the most powerful ways to accelerate life-long learning.


    We’ll train teachers to see EVERY learning experience as multi-disciplinary education, and HOW to link it with various topics, academic subjects and learning outcomes, including curriculum standards and national requirements. Teachers will learn how to plan Cross-Curricular Learning experiences that will automatically link to your existing curriculum framework, and at the same time support Personalised Learning. Teachers will be able to see tangible Learning Outcomes in EVERY single activity or experience that their provision offers.


    Free Flow Design is the ultimate tool reserved for the most ambitious educators who want to offer truly Child-Centred and fully Personalised provision. If you want to implement Child-Led Play in your setting, then you cannot do this without Free Flow. It unlocks children's full potential learning, empowers decision making and facilitates leadership mindset. With Free Flow in place, you will create beautiful, flexible and inspiring learning environments that will support all individual children and the group as a whole. Your teachers will learn how to use the existing learning environments and contexts for both Child-Led and more structured play-based activities. The best provisions in the world are based on the Free Flow design!


    Your teachers will get a unique set of tools and strategies to monitor educational progress of all your children based on their unique learning profiles. After completing our MASTER TEACHER ™ training program, your staff will be able to easily and effortlessly plan effective and personalised provision for all children under your care. They will learn how to put planning, evaluation and assessment on an auto pilot - all thanks to our tools and strategies such as Children's Portfolios or Emergent Planning.

Your Bonus Training Material

Two Most Sought-After Modern Approaches:


    This powerful approach is quickly gaining a major attention in the Early Childhood Education sector worldwide. It’s all about using the Natural Environment to support children’s learning and development, promote leadership mindset, and facilitate life-long skills. It's not about trips and outings though - it's all about moving learning & play outdoors. Only World's Top Educators know how to 'get it right' - now you can become one of them!


    Teachers will learn HOW to design engaging and effective Literacy Corners and Reading Stations that offer plenty of opportunities for both Child-Led and Adult-Facilitated interactions with inspiring books, resources and toys. This approach will enable teachers to promote Early Literacy and facilitate Early Reading Skills in all children under their care. And it will maximise meaningful engagement with the written word in a more personalised way.

Get Instant Access to 6 Months of ultimate Transformation Training Program for Your Teachers!

NOTE - if you want to implement our Training Program in more than one setting, contact us at support @ naturalbornleaders.org to discuss the details.

Success Story - MASTER TEACHER ™ in Uganda

The progress that teachers from Rural Teachers Association have achieved so far with support of MASTER TEACHER ™ Preschool Transformation Training and under leadership of John Ssentamu is UNPRECEDENTED! 

Right after the first training session, when teachers got back to their preschool settings, they started implementing the strategies they have learned. And right away, children from rural areas of Masaka in Uganda have started receiving world class experiential, multi-sensory, holistic education!

This has been possible after only two MASTER TEACHER ™ Preschool Transformation Teacher Training sessions. This is an amazing achievement!

We have officially proven that world class education can be offered regardless of place, resources available. We have achieved what others see impossible! 

About Natural Born Leaders

Magdalena Matulewicz & Witold Matulewicz

Natural Born Leaders.org

  • Experienced Teacher Trainers, Curriculum Developers and Course Designers
  • UK-certified Assessors-Evaluators in Child Care Learning Development and Play (CCLD and School Playwork)
  • Early Years Professional Status Assessors (EYPS) - responsible for assessing the quality of Early Years and Early Childhood provisions in the UK and training Early Years Professionals
  • World Schooling Parents

Our Story

We’ve always believed that the role of an educator is to empower every child, to celebrate them for their gifts and uniqueness, to help them discover their talents and to offer them the most enabling environments to learn to their full potential. However, we grew up in Eastern Europe where discipline, labels and outdated teaching approaches were our reality and this left it's mark on our lives and self-image. Our natural talents were considered a "burden" and we grew up believing we were doomed to fail. This is the very reason we promised ourselves to make a real change in the way early years education is offered to all children around the world. 

 When we started our teaching career we knew we were able to work completely differently to 98% of other teachers - because we could see the world through the eyes of the child. 

We had already been working along the principles of Personalised and Experiential Learning, but we constantly met people telling us that it was not possible to achieve any results without structured teaching, without rigid frameworks, discipline, testing and the same uniform goals for all children. We knew it wasn't true!

They would tell us we were dreamers.

One September night we made a bold decision that changed our lives forever.  We left our country and decided to learn from the best. Cut the story short, we owned and managed one of the most challenging business - our own multilingual early childhood education provision. 

And we did this in one of the most effective and at the same time the most demanding countries in the world - the United Kingdom - where a mistake can cost you losing your business, and where an unexpected inspection may appear at your setting at any time. 

Our skills and insights were recognised and we were invited to work with prestigious educational institutions to deliver training to other early years education providers, and to inspect their provision to make sure they met the requirements of the British National Standards - the EYFS. 

We were even featured in the Guardian as the ones who can potentially introduce major changes in Early Years education in the UK. 

Natural Born Leaders.org

  • We worked as assessors and evaluators in a few governmental projects such as the Early Years Professional Status (EYPS), National Vocational Qualifications in Child Care Learning and Development (CCLD), and National Vocational Qualifications in School Playwork. 

  • We collaborated with the biggest and the most respected Higher Education institutions in the country such as the Tribal Group, Kingston University, the JGA Group, and Canterbury Christ Church University. 

  • During the past 10 years we have inspected and assessed over 100 Early Childhood provisions - many of them represented the highest standards in education, whereas many were still far from it. 

  • We have travelled across and lived in 30 different countries where we've made friends with locals, lived their lifestyle, participated in their local customs, events and gatherings. We've visited local playgrounds, museums, children-dedicated places, nurseries and schools. We've talked to teachers, parents, children, and visionaries.  We've experienced, tested, observed, compared, contrasted, evaluated, and enjoyed local infrastructure, parks, public spaces for families and children. We've seen the best and not so great. After all these years of living in the world education holds no secrets for us. 

  • We've been world schooling our son for 13 years non-stop. He's never been to school but he's been learning from the world all his life with great success. We have a deep understanding of Formal Education, Home Schooling, and Personalised Learning. We've experienced how children can flourish on both paths and what it takes to "get it right" for them.  

  • Our professional insights combined with life experience give us a unique Global Perspective. We know what all children have in common, no matter the location. We also understand the local perspective of educators and what they need in order to be able to offer the same highest quality of Early Childhood Education and Care. 

The Secret Ingredient

After all these years we can confidently say that we know the secret of the world class Early Years provision - the one that can successfully nurture children’s natural leadership mindset and offer full potential learning.

The most successful settings are doing certain things the same way. They follow exactly the same procedures, they have the same systems in place, they share the same values.

Natural Born Leaders.org

We’ve put our experience and knowledge together, we've boiled it down, and we’ve created a powerful teacher training program that incorporates all key ingredients that guarantee the learning processes are highly personalised for every child, and that each child is celebrated for their uniqueness. This in turn serves as a very strong foundation for nurturing children’s natural leadership mindset. 

If you decide to join our cutting-edge Teacher Training Program, we are going to reveal all the key principles that have to be in place in order to offer the world class Early Childhood Education. 

And we will train your staff how to implement the most advanced and the most effective educational approaches that ever existed in the history of Education.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this program for?

    Our cutting-edge MASTER TEACHER Transformation Training Program has been designed for Early Childhood Education & Care providers - preschools, nurseries, kindergartens, play & learning centres, day cares, and after-school clubs. In particular, we are addressing all ambitious educators, thought leaders and visionaries who desire to make a long-term and positive impact on children's lives, who are deeply interested in children's well-being, who wish to offer world class Early Years Education and aspire to join the 2% of World's Top Educators.

  • How do you deliver your training program? Is it available online, or will you come to our setting to deliver it in-person?

    The entire training content of MASTER TEACHER program is delivered as pre-recorded video training materials that are uploaded on an online platform, and that can be accessed from anywhere in the world (providing you have Internet). The training content is also mobile optimised. Although the input is online the entire training success lies in teachers' on-the-job implementation and hands-on work. If implemented within one setting it will be facilitated by a setting manager or a senior teacher as a group training. This add the element of collaboration, co-creation, sharing experiences, learning from each other. When offered via an External Facilitator for teachers from different setting the experience will be very similar - in each case the training will happen as a physical group event leading towards experiential hands-on learning. If implemented in one setting it will b

  • My setting follows the National Curriculum of our country - how will this affect the learning process for my teachers?

    Our MASTER TEACHER training program is curriculum independent, and at the same time all-curriculum-friendly. In fact, the entire training content goes beyond any curriculum framework - it's based on pure methodology of working with Early Years children and the principles of Positive Pedagogy. So, whatever Curriculum Framework you follow, our training program will fit it nicely and expand your provision to the next level.

  • What is the time commitment and intensity?

    All training content has been fully aligned with teachers' daily professional duties, so no extra workload will be needed to complete the program. Teachers will be able to apply all tools and strategies that they learn right away. The entire MASTER TEACHER program is optimised for 6 months - this will give teachers enough time for implementation and integration of the training content. Each training session is based on a micro learning mode - if implemented within a setting teachers' time commitment is estimated for 20-30 minutes per session only. If facilitated externally teachers will gather once a week for 2-3 hours training sessions at a designated place. However, since the training content consists of hands-on tasks and experiential projects that will need to be implemented as part of teachers' everyday duties, the actual time of their implementation within setting will depend on the teachers themselves.

  • What if I own/manage more than one setting? How can they participate in this program too?

    Our MASTER TEACHER training program is designed as a Group Learning Experience. This means that all teachers will be attending our training sessions together at the same time. Or you can split them into subgroups if they work shifts. If you own/manage more than one setting, each setting can participate in this program separately under the supervision of your managers or other designated facilitators. However, from this webpage directly you can purchase a single setting license only (with up to 10 teachers). If you have more than one setting, or you want to train more than 10 teachers, please contact us for a special offer at info @ naturalbornleaders.org

  • If this program is available online, why do I need a training facilitator?

    Yes, our MASTER TEACHER training program is available online. However, since the entire training content has been optimised as a Group Learning Experience to maximise the impact, accelerate the learning outcomes, and promote unified work and care standards, it's highly recommended that all teachers participate in our training sessions together at the same time. To manage the group learning process you will need to designate one person (this would be your setting manager or one of your senior teachers) who will supervise the training program, set the dates and place for the training sessions, play the video content, distribute downloadable resources, facilitate discussions and monitor progress making sure all the practical tasks and projects have been completed by all teachers. The facilitator doesn't need to do any special preparations or have facilitation experience - they will receive detail instructions and guidelines as part of this training program. If you wish to facilitate the training for local teachers in your region or country as an External Facilitator contact us to discuss partnerships opportunities.

  • Our teachers prefer not to get involved in any professional duties after working hours - will they need to study your training content on their own at home?

    All training content of MASTER TEACHER Transformation Program is mobile optimised and is fully accessible on mobile phones. However, unlike most offers on the market, our training program is not a DIY e-learning course. Since it’s a group learning process which will be facilitated on setting premises during teachers’ working hours or in a designated place if facilitated externally. Setting managers/External Facilitators will be required to arrange a specific time and place for teachers to gather together for their training sessions.

  • How long will we have access to your training content?

    MASTER TEACHER training program has been designed to be completed within 6 months. From the date you buy the program, you will have 6+1 months of access to our training content. This is to motivate your managers and your staff to follow the training process as we have designed it, and not to prolong it too much. Hence one extra month.

  • Are you planning to update your training content periodically?

    The core training content of MASTER TEACHER program will most likely stay as it is now (with minor amendments here and there). However, for those who will wish to acquire more in-depth knowledge and experience in specific areas and topics, we are planning to develop a few short training programs as an extension to some core components and modules. We will let you know as soon as they are available.